Monday, June 20, 2005

Call for Ideas

I'm interested in "what love is," biochemically speaking. I read about a very cool study a few years back and can't remember it all, but one aspect was evidence from song lyrics (and poetry and other literature? Don't remember.)

These aren't the study I'm thinking of, but when I find that I'll link it too. Someone said there's a part of your brain (a physical part, not just a biochemical flush) that grows when you're "in-love"/mating, and then recedes after a while. He was collecting song lyrics, too, I heard. Can't remember where I read it. Here's some stuff to read in the meantime.


What love does to your brain


Schuyler said...

Helen Fisher ( has made her career out of studying love. She has an article ( that talks about some of the biochemistry involved in love. And here is another review of her work (

Peter Gray in 2004 published a study in Human Nature that talks about how men in relationships have lower levels of testosterone (

Anne Storey published a study in Evolution and Human Behavior that examined the role of prolactin in men when their partners had a baby ( is a review of that and another study replicating Storey's findings).

Those are the recent studies that I can think of/find. There is a book I have somewhere that I can recall talking about the chemisty of that first second of attraction, but I can't remember the name or the author nor where it is at the moment.


Traci Escher said...

I have been married for 17 years. At 10 or so years into our marriage I listened to *Hot Monogamy, The Biology of Love* by Dr. Patricia Love on audio tape. She clearly describes the processes our brains go through when falling in love, as well as the changes we go through as our love matures. It completely changed my perspective about my marriage. I highly recommend it!
Her live discussion is much better than the book if you can find it.

Many Blessings,
mom to Ryan (15) Jake (12) Justin (9)